About Our Investment Strategy

We are an Investment Collaborative, a new type of investment group and catalyst for high-yielding start-ups. Membership requires investment experience and proven entrepreneurial success, as well as a commitment to the goals and mission of the group, named the “Investors Collaborative”. The model is to collaborate with a variety of groups, so as to increase the likelihood of a portfolio company’s success through the pooling of resources and money to increase the quality and quantity of deal flow for the iC. This vehicle enables iC to be able to offer operational support and continual financing through the company maturation.

The core membership is comprised of individual investors as well as representatives of other investment groups. The iC interviews companies in its quest for future industry leaders, and makes equity investments in select companies that pass the iC’s rigorous due diligence process. The iC also provides mentoring and resources but expects the company to be beyond the stage where it requires early stage start-up schooling, has not figured out its market and value-added or has not brought its product to completion or at least the prototype stage.

Investment Collaborative of Boston