Restoring functional vision in the partially blind via its digital eyewear, a consumer product.


Allowing musicians to play together nearly silently, to store their multi channel tracks and to upload their recordings via their Cloud-based platform that allows musicians to store files where they can be readily accessed, edited, mixed further and shared


Commercializing a novel, energy saving HVAC technology utilizing a patented membrane-based liquid desiccant technology that provides cooling in summer and heating in winter for commercial and industrial buldings.

Digital Life Technologies

The first reprogrammable mag-stripe card that communicates with your phone’s eWallet and replaces all of the cards in your physical wallet.

Alva Systems

Alva, an innovator in LED lighting technology, with advanced lighting control features such as wireless control from electronic devices in an easily retrofit solution.

Adeo Health Sciences

Adeo Health Science is a food-focused biotechnology company with the mission of translating the latest food allergy prevention research into easy to use, organic, and trusted products for families.


Aim™ measures body composition and analyzes individual muscles. Press Aim against the muscle you want to measure for an accurate reading of your fat percentage and muscle quality (MQ) – the strength and definition of your muscles’.

Krystallize Technologies

Krystallize delivers unique insights and visibility into the performance of your cloud-based or hosted environment. Sitting in the space between your application and the platform supporting it, Krystallize monitors and reports the actual QoS being delivered.


LabCloud™ is complete lab management solution for small and medium-sized R&D organizations. Procurement, IT & Compliance

Trilio Data

World's First Application Recovery Plartform for OpenStack Cloud. Trilio Data assures data availability across the entire lifecycle of your applications, enabling you to meet service level agreements


MOREGOOD uses locally sourced and organic ingredients to create hand-crafted soda syrup concentrates and distributes to retail outlets.


eCurv’s patented Queued Power Access (QPAC®️) system delivers measurable reductions in peak demand charges.


Courtagen is committed to helping physicians, families, and children suffering with neurological disorders. Test results provide your doctor with genetic information to help diagnose disease and guide treatment decisions.

CIX Software Inc

CIX Software develops Cyber Security products focused on application behavioral analytics and real-time application self protection.


Enabling the transformation of the retail industry to an on-demandfreelancer staffing model.